Mbaka Denies Claim That He Prophesied That There Will Be Heavy Rain In Aso Rock

Father Mbaka has come out to dissociate himself from false news going round that he prophesied that there will be heavy rain in Aso Rock on the 1st of October because God is angry with President Muhammadu Buhari.He also denied that he threatened to resign his priesthood by October 1if his latest prophecy does not come to pass.Below is what he said….

” I, Rev Fr Mbaka Ejike Camillus, don’t do Adoration Ministry Programmes on Thursdays as the reporters misconstrued.The spreading/blackmailing media report is a wicked character assassination on me from the accursed demonic agents of darkness. I never prophesied anything about 1st October rain,thunder and darkness in Aso  Rock nor God’s anger against President Buhari. Equally, I never talked  about resigning as a Priest. Why are people attracting curses and God’s vengeance upon themselves?”.

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